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Cable Trays And Accessories

Cable Tray in Pakistan | At Alfazal Industry Cable Tray Supplier

Top Quality Cable Tray in Pakistan | At Alfazal Industry Cable Tray Manufacturer and Supplier.Perforated Cable Tray in Pakistan, Ladder cable tray in bulk quantity manufacturing.Providing Cable Tray on reasonable prices all over in Pakistan.Complete Cable Tray Manufacturer in Pakistan. With Installation service is available Alfazal Industry.

Cable Tray in Pakistan Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad. Cable tray provide flexibility in wiring system design simplicity and lower installation costs

Cable Tray Types & Uses

We have manufacturing different types of Cable tray in different sizes.

Perforated Cable Tray in Pakistan

Perorated Cable tray Provides more support to cables.Perforated cable tray consist of  ventilated  bottom with side rails. 

Ladder Cable Tray in Pakistan

Ladder cable tray consists of two rails connected by rungs. Ladder rungs gives you easy accessibility to the cables from top or bottom.

Solid Bottom Cable Tray Manufacturer in Pakistan

Solid bottom cable is use for electromagnetic or radio frequency interface protection.

Wire Mesh Cable Tray in Pakistan

Wire mesh cable tray is use for fiber optic cables supported on short spans.

Wire mesh cable tray also named as basket cable tray.

Cable Tray Accessories

 Accessories for all types of Cable Trays in Pakistan.

 Horizontal / Vertical 90 Degree Bend

 Horizontal / Vertical 90 Degree Inside / Outside (Riser) Bend

 Horizontal / Vertical Equal Tee

 Horizontal Cross (4-Way) Bend

 Horizontal / Vertical 45 Degree Inside / Outside (Riser) Bend

Cable Tray Sizes

Following sizes in cable tray as per client request we have manufacture

 Length (1Metre to 6Metre)

 Width (50MM to 800MM)

 Width (50MM to (900MM)

 Width (50MM to 1200MM) max in ladder

 Height (50MM to 100MM  

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Material Use For Cable Tray

We have use following material for Cable Tray.

GI Sheet (Prefatory Galvanized)

CRC Sheet (Cold rolled steel)

Powder Coated (on GI & CRC Sheet)

Hot Dip Galvanized (on MS Sheet)